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Reclaim those hips!

Stubborn fat can be the bain of our lives - despite healthy eating, upping our H2O intake and hitting the gym, stubborn fat just does not want to shift! So? What can we do? Well, one of the easiest ways to target that naughty fat and banish it into the depths of history, is to opt for non-surgical treatments that remove it for good!

The hip area, or love handles, is an area of concern for many, and can be really hard to reduce fat build up on this part of the body. And when you bring body shape into play, you can see why many people carry excess fat on the flanks. If you have the body shape known as an 'apple' you're more likely to carry excess fat on the flanks, whereas a 'pear' could find the excess fat more focused around the buttocks and thighs.

So why do we get a build-up of fat in the first place?

To a greater degree, where and how much fat we will build up is defined by our genetic make-up, our body shape and our hormones. 40 to 70% of the causes of high levels of excess weight can be attributed to a persons genes. They determine how much environmental factors impact upon their weight. Environmental factors such as access to healthy foods, medication, where we live and our social environments all have an impact on how we manage our weight. Sleep, stress and our daily lifestyle choices can all affect our appetite, eating habits and activity levels, which have a direct correlation with our weight.

One of the most common hormonal illnesses that can lead to a build up of excess fat is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS causes the body to become resistant to insulin (a naturally occurring hormone for the majority of people). This resistance makes it harder for the body to convert food into energy, thus resulting in a build-up of excess fats (triglycerides) being laid down in areas such as the flanks and abdomen. Diet and exercise will also have a direct influence where extra fat is laid down. Areas that are exercised will mostly stay trim, whereas areas that are neglected run the risk of having extra fat distributed there. This is because the triglycerides gained from food are converted into energy when regularly used for exercise, and therefore fat cells shrink. Conversely, if the triglycerides are not converted into energy, they build up within the fat cells, causing them to enlarge and multiply, with the results of us getting fatter.

Being overweight can affect many areas of a person's life. These areas include self-esteem, skin health, back and joint pains, acid reflux, immune function, mood and irritability, stress incontinence and gout.

Which non-surgical treatment is the best for reducing love-handles?

There are 3 go-to treatment modalities that have proven results on reducing our 'unloved love-handles'. These are the non-surgical approaches of Cryolipolysis (fat freezing), Cavitation (fat melting) and Radio Frequency (also fat melting).

Fat Freezing: takes pockets of fat and freezes them down to approximately -6 degrees. This freezing causes the contents of the fat cells to crystallize and breakdown. These are then naturally excreted through the body's waste system. Cryolipolysis is excellent for targeting stubborn pockets of fat, with results being seen between 8-12 weeks post-treatment (due to the nature of the breaking down and excretion of the fat cells content).

Cavitation: Is great for larger areas of fat, or for those who cannot have cryolipolysis for any reasons. Here, the membranes of the fat cells are disrupted, causing them to break and leak out their contents. These leaked triglycerides are harmless and are excreted via the liver and circulatory system. Cavitation works on the upper most layers of fat, generally causing a reduction of a few centimetres each session. A course of 6-8 is generally recommended to keep breaking down the uppermost layers of fat, reducing overall size over the course.

Radio Frequency (RF): Here, radio frequency is used to heat up the fat cells to 40 degrees. This heat is then maintained for a few minutes, causing the fat inside the cells to 'melt and to be excreted from the body'. Again, a safe and effective way to treat areas of fat and a great addition to boost the effects of the other 2 modalities. RF is also used for skin tightening so a great double-benefit with this approach.

By using non-surgical approaches to fat reduction and body contouring, individuals self-esteem can be raised. People often feel more comfortable in their clothes, swim wear or underwear. Men feel more comfortable being bare chested (and see great results quickly from such procedures due to their small amounts of adipose tissue) and it can be liberating to get these results in just a few weeks. If a sensible diet is then maintained, plenty of H20 taken on board and a regular exercise routine is adopted (remember, energy out has to be equal to or more than the amount of energy being putted in {calories}), results will be maintained. Lifestyle also needs to be analysed and addressed, to see what lifestyle factors have led to weight gain in the first instance, because, unlike hormones which we cannot control, we can have a positive effect on our lifestyle choices and actions with regard to weight control.

If you would like to begin your journey back to body confidence, then book in for a consultation with our Registered Nurse and plan your inch-loss treatment package at DermalEssence Aesthetics Clinic.

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