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Our perfect skin care combination

Combination therapies

Aesthetic clinics are leaders in the field of skin rejuvenation due to the high-tech treatments we offer. and the results such treatments promise to deliver. The use of combination therapies means that clients will achieve the results they desire quicker, whilst experiencing less downtime post treatment. This is an important factor to consider, especially with most clients wanting to regain a healthy, more youthful, bright complexion without having to go through the trauma of looking as though they have just completed 10 rounds against a prize boxer!

Two of the most popular combination treatments that are currently being championed by the aesthetics industry are those of fractional radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling. Both of these skin rejuvenation modalities stimulate new collagen production. Microneedling, which is focused within the epidermal layer of the skin, help activate collagen synthesis, resulting in a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles and improvement of skin strength and health. Radiofrequency works within the deeper dermal layer of the skin, generating focused heat into this area which in turn stimulates fibroblast activity. Fibroblasts are responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and natural moisturising factors (NMF), helping to build skin strength, turgor and hydration. Therefore it's no wonder why these synergistic modalities are a new powerhouse in the arena of skin rejuvenation for aesthetic practitioners.

What are the target areas for RF Microneedling?

With the benefits of using these combination therapies ranging from enhanced collagen stimulation, improved skin tightening and lifting, revision and support with problem skin concerns, suitability for all Fitzpatrick skin tones, less downtime post treatment and longer lasting results, fractional RF with microneedling can be used to rejuvenate ageing skin, treat acne scars and general scarring and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

The Aphrodite

Our Aphrodite RF microneedling machine is a revolutionary combination powered by fractional radio frequency (RF) and state-of-the-art Micro-needling to help stimulate and tighten the skin, even in the deepest layers. The Aphrodite machine works by incorporating radio frequency energy into each individual sterile needle, driving the rejuvenating energy deep into the skin and stimulating the healthy growth of new collagen. Supreme patient experience is achieved thanks to the machines innovative design solutions and proven track of record for generating excellent patient results.

The RF microneedling machine system benefits include:

* Smaller pore size

* Increase in skin health and turgor

* Improvement to scars

* Improvement to stretch marks

* Reduced secretion of skin oils (seborrhoea

* Minimized appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* Improved delivery and absorption of medical-grade skin care products

* Reduced occurrence of acne

As with all aesthetic treatments, a programme of prescribed treatments is recommended to achieve and maintain the optimum results. Such programmes follow the body's synergistic process of the formation of new collagen, elastin and NMF's and will often include a course of monthly treatments followed by annual boosters.

Better together

Combination therapies are the way forward in the filed of aesthetic treatments, providing clients with multiple solutions to help them in their journey back to skin health and radiance, achieving clients skincare goals in a quicker timeframe, and with less downtime and inconvenience in the process.

To book your Aphrodite treatment please CLICK ON THIS LINK to our on-line booking system.

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