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Skin Flooding

What is skin flooding?

Skin flooding is a social media trend which has become extremely popular in the recent months of this year. Having almost 12.7k views on the platform TikTok, you may see an increase in the interest of this treatment in salons. This treatment essentially involves layering multiple skin products onto damp skin to lock in moisture, which not only hydrates the skin, but also makes it appear smoother and softer. By layering serums and creams to ‘flood’ the skin with hydration, the natural skins barrier will become more protected as the products efficiency will increase and absorb a lot better. It can also provide a plumping effect for the skin which is great for creating a more youthful look. Skin flooding before makeup application can create the perfect base for a natural, glowy look, which is ideal for those who love the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look.

How to flood your skin:

This treatment includes only four simple steps, these are: cleansing the skin, spritzing on a mist, applying serums then finishing off with a moisturising cream. Like any skin treatment, it is important to use products which are suited to your skin type and concerns, this way you will achieve the best results and full benefits. It is important to start with products that have a thinner consistency and finish with the product that has the thickest, this is to ensure the products are locked into the skin and are fulfilling all their benefits. You may think that this treatment’s main focus is applying the serum and creams, however, the most important step is actually cleansing. Prior to skin flooding it is important to ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed, this is to avoid a build up of products on any oil or sweat as this can get trapped and cause breakouts on the skin, overall compromising the health of the skin. The products won’t absorb properly into the skin and makeup application could start to look cakey. After cleansing properly (a double cleanse is always advised), start the flooding by applying the first layer of serum while the face is still damp, between each layer of serum, spritz a facial mist which is appropriate for your skin type, then finish off with a moisturiser to lock in the products. Timing is everything for this treatment, our skin loses the most moisture while we are sleeping, so skin flooding at night is the most beneficial as it can help to restore plump and radiant skin by the morning.

Makeup Management:

The skins hydration levels are what impact the look and feel of makeup on the skin. To receive a softer, natural more dewy makeup look it is advised to apply foundation to the skin before the products are properly absorbed, as the moisture from the products help to sheer out the coverage. However, for longevity and a fuller coverage makeup look, it is best to allow the products to absorb fully into the skin as layering too much can make the skin look greasy or cakey.

Skin Support:

Skin flooding is appropriate for all skin types, as long as the right products are used. Using the wrong products can lead to dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Natural skin changes caused by the menopause or other hormonal changes can also result in the skin drying out. It is always best to consult with a therapist before trying new products that you may be unsure of as they could do more damage than good to the skin.

Skin flooding at DermalEssence:

Here at DermalEssence we are now offering a special offer on our luxurious skin flooding facial. This bio-resculpturing facial includes a deep cleanse, a chemical peel, removal of fine hairs and dead skin cells with the dermaplane and topical application of our HERO skin boosters. We then flood your fresh skin with serums and infusions. Oxygenating face mist is then applied from our PureHydro facial machine and then we finish with a VITA C shot to boost skin brightness and radiance. Recommended protocol every 3 months. This 90 minute skin flooding facial is just £80 this summer, saving you a massive £20 off the previous list price.

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