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Are You A DermaFacialist?

Are you a DermaFacialist? Are you interested in improving your skin condition? Do you want to look fresher? Do you want to tackle skin problems such as acne, pigmentation or ageing? Do you suffer from chronic redness? If YES, then YOU ARE a DermaFacialist.

 Over the past 5 years, we have worked with hundreds of clients to support them with their skin concerns and help them achieve the skin they crave. We offer 3 levels of support, each plan tailored to the individual and every treatment bespoke to their changing skin health and needs.

Plan 1: Our intensive 12 month plan works with you on a weekly basis, using our 5 pillars of FILL AND SCULPT, RENEW, REVITALIZE, HYDRATE AND MAINTAIN to restructure your face, smooth and tighten your skin and rejuvenate. We only work with a handful of clients on this plan, due to the intensive nature of it. Admission is via application. The cost is £8000.

Plan 2: Is for 4-months and follows the same principles of the 12-month plan, but shorter in duration to help clients achieve short term goals, such as improved skin for a wedding or special event. The cost is £2500.

Plan 3: Is monthly aesthetics facials, specifically targeted at your skin health and conditions and includes advice and support as to how you can help improve your changing skin. The cost of this is £114/month via a membership scheme.  Everything that we offer at our clinic for faces (except botox and fillers) is included in this monthly scheme. Skin boosters, laser resurfacing, fractional radiofrequency, chemical resurfacing, PureHydro facials, oxygenation of the skin, skin needling, face masks, skin flooding, LED light therapy, pHformula in-treatment products,  and advanced blemish removal.

For more details or to discuss the application process, please call us on 07472981683

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Choose your pricing plan

  • DermaFacialist

    Every month
    For those serious about improving their skin
    Valid for 12 months
    • Monthly Aesthetic facial
    • Fractional RadioFrequency
    • Chemical Resurfacing
    • PureHydroFacials
    • Collagen Inducing skin needling
    • Laser skin treatments and resurfacing
    • Advanced blemish removal
    • LED light therapy
    • Skin Oxygenation
    • pHformula in-clinic treatments
    • Skin flooding
    • Face masks, serums via ultrasound infusion
    • Skin boosters
  • 4-Month Journey

    To skin confidence - using our proven 360 degree approach
    Valid for 4 months
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Skin boosters
    • Wrinkle Relaxers
    • Weekly PureHydro facials
    • Fractional RadioFrequency
    • Weekly LED Quantum light therapy
    • Advanced Skin Blemish Removal
    • Skin Resurfacing
    • Lip augmentation/line softening
    • Anti-oxidant therapy
    • Non-surgical facelift
    • Monthly cosmeceuticals
    • Personal Guide to Skin Confidence
    • Weekly support from your dedicated skin expert
  • 12-month journey

    Every month
    Our transformational solution to reclaim your skin
    Valid for 12 months
    • Dermal Fillers
    • Wrinkle relaxers - x 3 times in the year
    • Monthly Resurfacing facials
    • Monthly Collagen induction facials
    • Monthly Skin Boosters
    • Weekly neck and décolleté treatments
    • Seasonal TCA peels
    • Monthly supply of cosmeceuticals
    • Weekly PureHydro facials
    • Weekly Quantum LED light therapy
    • Non surgical face lift
    • Lip augmentation/line softening
    • Weekly support by our skin care expert
    • Your personal guide to skin confidence
  • Body Confidence

    Every month
    Creating those curves by losing fat and inches
    Valid for 3 months
    • A 10 week body transformation programme using the POWER of 4
    • 2 sessions of fat freezing of 2 areas each session
    • 8 sessions of radio frequency
    • 8 sessions of ultrasound cavitation
    • 8 sessions of acoustic shockwave therapy
    • Contouring cream to use at home
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