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What is mesotherapy?

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a highly effective rejuvenating treatment, replacing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and growth factors which provides the skin with deep hydration, toning benefits and cell regeneration. The trans-dermal delivery of these active ingredients (that decrease as we age) help to reduced skin sagging, provide cellular nutrition and offer overall anti-ageing properties to the skin.

Non-Surgical Intervention

Mesotherapy is a safe, natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures and is ideal for dry, dehydrated and dull skin or simply to be used as a skin boost. Treatment can be applied to the whole face, neck, chest and hands. The treatments can tone and tighten sagging skin, reduce fine lines and repair free radical damage. Clients describe their skin as firm, radiant, youthful and glowing as a result of Mesotherapy treatment. Hair loss (male/female pattern baldness) can also be treated using Mesotherapy blends and can stimulate hair regrowth to restore thicker hair.

What is Nappage Mesotherapy?

Nappage Mesotherapy is the process of delivering the mesotherapy cocktails to the skin via a series of extremely superficial micro needling, which allows for transportation of the products to the dermal layer where cellular interaction takes place. Using a very fine needle to slightly break the surface of the skin the mesotherapy cocktails nourish and rejuvenate the skin, promoting the production of collagen, strengthening elastin fibres and stimulating metabolism.

Treatment Programme

A series of 3 - 6 treatments is advised to achieve the benefits of the mesotherapy properties to gain the maximum improvement. These are generally spaced 15-21 days apart in order to enable the skin to recover between episodes. After this, monthly to 2 monthly treatments are recommended to maintain smoother, healthy and hydrated skin. One-off treatments are extremely popular for special occasions for instant glowing skin radiance and giving an amazing base to apply make-up.

Enhanced Mesotherapy

The delivery of the Mesotherapy treatment can be optimised by combining the treatment with a superficial skin peel. The action of the peel exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores allowing for improved penetration of the mesotherapy product.

DermalEssence Skincare Clinic, Banks, Southport @dermalessencebanks are a nurse-led clinic specialising in Advanced Facials applying Mesotherapy techniques and cocktails and utilizing the added benefits of Chemical Peels to boost the efficacy of the Mesotherapy Treatment.

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