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Skin resurfacing - debunking the jargon!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

From cosmetics to pharma-cosmeceuticals - DermalEssence debunk the jargon of this often mixed up term.

Cosmetic skin re-surfacing: A cosmetic is a preparation made to help beautify the body and is known within the beauty and aesthetics industry as a PHYSICAL exfoliation. Most people will be familiar with cosmetic exfoliation - granular facial scrubs that can be bought at supermarkets or chemists. Often with small grains of nuts or wheat, these cosmetic skin resurfacing agents are used to lift off dry skin build ups. They can be quite aggressive to the skin and can cause unwanted trauma and distress to the skin. DermalEssence most definitely would not recommend this type of cosmetic skin resurfacing for sensitive skin types, including those with ACNE

Cosmeceutical skin re-surfacing: A cosmetic preparation that has some medicinal properties and is known within the beauty and aesthetics industry as a CHEMICAL exfoliation.

A well known example of a chemical exfoliation, also known as a PEEL, would be, for example, glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) family. Glycolic acid, along with many others, are commonly used in skin resurfacing procedures due to their ability to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, with minimal trauma, leaving the skin looking radiant and healthy. DermalEsence would recommend a peel such as a glycolic to freshen a complexion up, especially before a special event so that you 'positively glow' with radiant skin.

Mechanical skin re-surfacing: Via the use of a machine or device, commonly with diamond heads.

A popular mechanical skin re-surfacing procedure found within the beauty and aesthetics industry is that of microdermabrasion. Those who have had the pleasure of this treatment will know it as a gentle, non-invasive procedure that removes the uttermost layer of dead skin cells using diamond heads and suction anywhere on the face or body. There ought not to be any trauma with this procedure due to the therapists ability to control the level of suction. DermalEssence do not recommend this procedure is carried out before a chemical peel. We see it as a stand alone procedure, followed by nourishing masks and serums.

Pharma-cosmeceuticals: Are the result of the innovative collaboration between cosmeceutical and medical prescriptions. Within the beauty and aesthetics industry, these pharma-cosmeceuticals are seen as the way forward, due to the controlled manner in which they work. Unlike traditional chemical peels that generally cause skin re-surfacing by removing the upper layer of dead skin cells, these solutions operate at a cellular level, inducing cell regeneration with very little trauma or irritation to the skin itself, making these ideal for all skin types and conditions and acceptable to all.

Medical skin re-surfacing: Are medical grade topical chemical peel solutions, used in very high concentrations, that strip off the outer layer of the skin. These are used within the aesthetics and medical community and are classified by their level of skin penetration - superficial - medium - deep - and can only be performed by trained medics.

At DermalEssence, we use pharma-cosmeceutical skin re-surfacing procedures due to their suitability and acceptability to all skin types and clients and their high effectiveness when treating the 4 common skin complaints - Ageing - ACNE - Hyperpigmentation - Rosacea & Redness.

Our go to products are those from pHformula, a global market leader in this field, helping to renew skin at a cellular level, offering minimum trauma, minimum redness and long lasting results. pHformula treatment protocols are based upon;

  • 7 mechanisms of controlled chemical skin re-surfacing

  • Maximum controlled proton delivery through 3 customised treatment levels - mild - intensive controlled - medical

  • Layer and leave formulations

  • Customised application technique

  • Active & Recovery support with maximum strength formulations

  • Beautiful results - outside in and inside out

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