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Lets dispel these ACNE myths!

ACNE can happen at any age - FACT! Some of us suffer from teenage ACNE, some of us from middle-age ACNE (brought on by those menopausal changes) and some of us suffer all of the time, due to factors which can include exacerbation of the issue due to incorrect skincare product use to try and treat this common problem.

So ... lets look at some of the MYTHS about ACNE and replace them with FACTS!

Myth 1:

Squeezing spots makes them go away sooner.

FACT: Incorrect extractions will spread the inflammation and will cause irritation and can lead to PIH (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) and scarring that then will need treating to remove. Therefore, don't try extractions unless the spot is totally ready to be extracted (size/colour/appearance)

Myth 2:

Wearing sun protection (SPF) will aggravate ACNE.

FACT: Use a non-comodogenic broad spectrum SPF to protect your skin from the harmful rays that can cause ACNE.

Myth 3:

ACNE sufferers must physically exfoliate their skin weekly with a physical exfoliator or scrub.

FACT: Physical exfoliation and scrubs can cause more irritation and leave tiny scratches in the skin, leading to entry points for more bacteria and more ACNE. Using a good daily cleanser with ACIDS in it, such as the pHformula E.X.F.O. cleanse, as part of your routine will encourage skin turnover, by gently removing the dead skin cells which block the pores and can lead to ACNE. No need for any physical exfoliation here.

Myth 4:

Moisturisers cause ACNE.

FACT: Hydrated, balanced skin is a healthy skin. Dehydrated skin will cause the body to produce more sebum thus more risk of developing ACNE. Use a good, light moisturiser or oil specifically designed for ACNE skin - keep the skin hydrated and healthy balanced.

Myth 5:

ACNE will go away in time

FACT: ACNE won't go away in time. ACNE skin needs treating for the problem, using the correct skincare products and professional treatments in a structured manner to cure the problem.

Myth 6:

Drinking lots of water will flush out ACNE

FACT: Drinking plenty of water is essential for skin turgor, hydration and correct functioning of the body's system. What is won't do is flush out ACNE!

Myth 7:

ACNE is cause by not cleansing your face enough

FACT: ACNE is not associated with poor hygiene. Proper cleansing is crucial to maintain the acid mantle (skin barrier) in order to reduce the growth of the p acne bacteria responsible for ACNE

Myth 8:

Getting a suntan will help clear up ACNE

FACT: Excessive sun exposure can cause the build up of dead skin cells which block the pores and can cause ACNE. Sun exposure can also cause inflammation, releases damaging free radicals and causes DNA damage.

Myth 9:

Using toothpaste will dry out the ACNE spots

FACT: Toothpaste will not help spots at all and should only ever be used on your teeth!

How to help ACNE suffers?

  1. Remove the build up of dead skin cells that block pores and cause the ACNE

  2. Encourage the oils and sebum up to the skin barrier to crate a healthy skin barrier (acid mantle)

  3. Use products with acids int hem, such as Azelaic acid, which reduces the growth of bacteria

  4. Use Vitamins to protect the skin - A to stimulate skin cell turnover and reduce comedones (spots) and B3 to enhance the skin barrier function, reduce the amount of sebum made and it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

  5. Have professional treatments, such as skin resurfacing programmes, using pharma-cosmeceutical prescribed products to keep the action working at home.

  6. Have deep cleanses, such as desincrustation using Galvanic therapy at your local clinic to deep clean the skin.

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