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All about our DermaFacialists

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all absolutely fabulous and bounding into September with loads of energy and positivity! We definitely are at DermalEssence!

In this blog, I'd like to talk about our amazing DermaFacialist Membership Scheme that I developed over lock-down to offer our clients an affordable and results driven route into lovely skin.

Why did I build this scheme?

I decided to build this membership scheme because I see a lot of ladies and gentleman in my clinic who are becoming concerned with their skin and the ageing process that takes its toll on our skin. I often get asked how can they look brighter and fresher, how can they tone up their skin and what products should they be using to positively pro-age (because there are millions out there, with so many terms and fancy names and claims attached to them - it is a minefield!). As a skincare specialist with years of training behind me, I know that a monthly aesthetic grade facial, supported by a simple 'at home' regime can really make a difference to how the skin looks, performs, regenerates itself and, ultimately, ages. I am also aware that such facials can be very expensive and are often purchased as a treat maybe once or twice a year which is brilliant, but will not achieve the results that a super, regular aesthetics facial will. Therefore, I built this membership scheme for those who really want to make a difference to their skin - how it looks, feels, ages and how to positively promote good skin health. And I am 100% sure that this is most of us!

So what does this membership scheme offer you? How will it work for you?

Our DermaFacialist Scheme offers all of its members a bespoke aesthetic facial every month. By analysing your skin at each visit (because it will change over the seasons and also as it improves and regenerates itself by being on this scheme) we will tailor the acids, serums, masks and aftercare advice and product recommendations to match what your skin is telling us - because it does speak!

DermaFacialists skin will also benefit greatly from our additional aesthetic intervention. Every 3rd month, we will perform skin needling using the amazing NCTF135HA skin rejuvenating product. This product is a global leader and, with hyaluronic acid PLUS 59 skin revitalizing ingredients , this HERO product guarantees to reboost fibroblast activity to help rejuvenate the skin and improve its overall quality. The skin needling itself help boost the body's production of collagen and elastin, which in turn tightens and plumps the skin.

The benefit of being a member of this scheme is that the repeated monthly treatments will produce a cumulative effect on positive pro-ageing, ensuring the skin is fresh, clean, bright and has regular cellular turnover which will improve and maintain overall skin quality.

Download PDF • 880KB

How do I join?

Joining is so easy! We have signed up with who are leaders in salon memberships and loaded our scheme onto their site. Follow this link to get to our page and they register for the 12-monthly subscription of only £62 per month and they will let us know you have become a DermaFacialist.

Then What?

All that follows is that you use our booking system or give us a call and we will book you in each month for your DermaFacialist Aesthetics facial to take you on your own bespoke journey to brilliant skin!

So...... what are you waiting for???!! Come be a DermaFacialist with me at DermalEssence - your local skincare experts.

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