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Your 12 Weeks To Christmas Countdown

I know ...... I've used the 'C' word! I'm sorry! .... but the truth is ..... it's time we prepared ourselves for the all important 12 weeks to Christmas Countdown! From fingers to toes, to great skin and less spots on our nose, it's time to get on with our 12 week plan to be pampered, primped and positively glowing for THE BIG DAY!

So .... here at DermalEssence we have taken the strain out of it for you by putting together our 12-week Christmas Countdown plan to make you Christmas ready! And what's more ...... each week our plan will be put into action with amazing offers in our Salon to get you ready for all Christmas 2020 has to offer. Here goes....!!

Week 12 - 02 October - 'Bye-bye Summer'

This is the time to wave a final goodbye to Summer and get your skin ready for Autumn. At DermalEssence, we recommend you use body scrubs and exfoliators to remove the last vestiges of the Summer Spray Tan and to rub away the dry skin between your fingers and toes. A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is basically a facial for the body. The benefits of using a body scrub are that they exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. And why not try combining scrubs with luxurious body butters, guaranteed to leave your skin lovely and soft and fresh and ready for the Christmas Countdown pampering to begin.

Why not try scrubs that bring Autumn into your home, such as Pumpkin Spiced sugar scrubs or Cinnamon and Vanilla scrubs to really kick off your Countdown To Christmas in an indulgent style!

Week 11 - 09 October - 'Relax Into Autumn'

As you kiss goodbye to summer and relax into the lovely season that is Autumn, it is time to embrace and enjoy

all things warm. From large chunky knit jumpers, woolly tights and cozy boots, to warming relaxing treats, help yourself unwind into Autumn and enjoy all that is fabulous about this Season. At DermalEssence we recommend you immerse yourself in warming massage treatments to relax those muscles and help get you ready for the next few weeks to come. A popular, warming and deeply relaxing treatment is Hot Stone Massage, that uses warm volcanic stones, placed into the therapists hands, to deeply massage the tissues and muscles whilst providing a warmth you just don't get from any other massages. Combined with scented oils, heated beds, cozy rooms and chilled out music, this is one of our most favourite Autumn relaxation treats to really chill us out before the run up to Christmas.

Week 10 - 16 October - 'Lose the Hooves'

Now is the time to start thinking about getting those feet ready for those strappy sandals that are an absolute MUST to complete your lovely Christmas outfits. Dry skin can easily build up over the Summer months, due to humidity, whilst we are running around in flip-flops or barefoot in the sand so now is the time to get it off! Dry skin is often found on the heels, the sides of the feet or between the toes and, although an irritant, it is rarely harmful. So how can we get off that hard skin? Home care remedies for hard, dry skin removal involve a 5-step approach. EXFOLIATE: Whether it is physical exfoliation using foot scrubs, or chemical exfoliation in the form of liquids or lotions, it is important to first remove the layer of dead skin that has built up. SOAKING the feet in warm water helps soothe and loosen dry skin while improving blood circulation to the feet, which can help prevent dry skin in the future. Why not try a honey, oatmeal or peppermint based foot soak additives to your foot spa/bowl to super boost the hydration and healing of your dry skin. Use a FOOT FILE or PUMICE STONE to remove dry skin and calluses from the feet. An easy routine to follow could be;

1. Soak the feet in warm water to soften the dead skin.

2. Wet the pumice stone or foot file with warm water.

3. Gently rub the pumice stone or foot file over the dead skin or callus. Use circular motions with a pumice stone and gentle back-and-forth motions with a foot file.

4. Rinse the dead skin off the feet. Repeat step three as necessary.

5. Pat the feet dry with a clean towel.

MOISTURISE: Regularly moisturising the feet helps reduce existing dry skin and prevents new dry skin from building up. Moisturising the feet after using an exfoliator or a pumice stone will help the skin lock in moisture. It is best to avoid lotions, creams, and moisturizers that contain alcohol, added fragrances, and artificial colors as these ingredients can worsen dry skin. MASKS can help keep those feet hydrated. Home-use masks are readily available and are a great tool to use between in-salon treatments. They usually come in the form of booties, that are impregnated with lovely additives such as argon oil, and can be slipped on for 30 minutes whilst relaxing with a cup of tea!

Week 9 - 23 October - Save Face Perfect Complexions

Now is the time to start having your in-clinic treatments and begin an aesthetics grade homecare regime to get the perfect skin for Christmas, especially now as more and more of us are suffering from 'maskne' - mask induced spots and congested skin.

Choosing a practitioner who is able to offer a multi-treatment approach is always the way to go. The way to kick-start your perfect complexion skincare journey is to have a treatment that uses a combination of products. A double cleanse is so important, to get the environmental pollution build up off the skin, then to cleanse deep down into the pores, beginning to open up blocked and congested skin. A chemical exfoliation will begin to re-set the skin and target areas of concern. Acids are the go-to process here and your practitioner should to be able to understand what your skin needs and have suitable acids to use. At DermalEssence we use a combination of acids to target specific skin concerns. We turn to products that contain mandelic acid for hyperpigmentation or acne issues, lactic acids for dehydrated skins, glycolic acids for aging complexions and salicylic acids for deep cleansing of congested skins. Our home care ranges include great cleansers that provide keralytic action to keep skin turnover high, vitamins and serums to feed then skin, targeted moisturisers to protect and, of course, SPF to stop those harmful UV rays from damaging and ageing the skin. By following our in-clinic 'go-to's', you can begin your journey to better skin and a clearer Christmas complexion.

Week 8 - 30 October - Halloween Treats - No Tricks!

This week is all about Halloween, with the shops full of all things spooky and many a trick being played on you, we believe that it is an absolute MUST to grab yourself some lovely treats!

Keep your eye out for pick and mix menus wherever you are. It might be in the supermarket, where you can indulge yourself with luxury chocolates or beautiful bubble bath or bottle of bubbly. It might be in your local pub or restaurant, where you try a platter of different small starters that you haven't tried before! It might be in your local high street where you pick and mix some small cosmetics to try, such as a new hand cream, lip balm or foot mask, or it might be at your favourite local beauty salon, where you take advantage of mini pampering sessions and create your own beauty treat menu! Whatever you decide to do, don't miss out on this week's opportunity to treat yourself in the run up to Christmas. Why?....Because you're worth it!

Week 7 - 06 November - De-fluff for Christmas

So...... we have all tried, at least once, waxing to a part of our bodies. Whether it be brows or bushes, under arms or full legs, the benefits of waxing far outweigh those of shaving. And here's why!


  1. Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.

  2. No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars.

  3. Shaving can cause rashes on sensitive skin.

  4. For many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.

  5. Waxing produces smoother results because hair is pulled from the root.

  6. Shaving can result to stubble. If you don’t shave often enough, your legs will feel rough and abrasive.

  7. Waxing will make your skin feel smoother for longer without feeling itchy, because of slower hair regrowth.

  8. Contrary to popular belief, waxing is not always painful. if you do it right, it is almost pain-free.

  9. Waxing is fast and convenient.

  10. Skin is less susceptible to irritations associated with shaving. You can also use hair growth retardants to slow down hair growth and minimise ingrown hairs, irritation, redness and bumps caused by shaving, hair removal creams and electrolysis.

How often should you get waxed??? Most ladies get waxed once a month but can go up to 6 weeks depending on how the skin reacts and the speed of the new hair growth. Before your first session, don't shave for 10-14 days to ensure there is enough hair to pull out. Legs, underarms and private parts will feel soft and smooth because not only does the wax remove all the hair, it acts as an exfoliant too, removing dead skin cells and refreshing the skin. Hair growth will slow down and become finer the more often you get waxed, often resulting in minimal hair growth over an extended period of time. By beginning your de-fluff programme now, you could potentially have 2 waxing sessions before the big day, benefiting from reduced hair growth and silky smooth skin.

Intimate waxing - may feel like a scary thing but, the truth is, in capable hands, it is NOT! The trained therapist will apply the wax then pull if off quickly, placing their hand on the area that has been waxed. This hand placement stops the stinging immediately. Professional intimate waxers are able to carry out a full Brazilian in about 20 minutes and will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the procedure and aftercare. Clients who have intimate waxing feel that any slight embarrassment is far outweighed by the benefits of a smooth area. For girls who have just finished menstruating, we suggest taking an ibuprofen before the wax because your skin tends to be more sensitive, however, in most cases, you will be fine. Most people get anxious about the butt portion of the Brazilian wax and shy away from it without ever knowing that it is the most painless part!

Week 6 - 13 November - Hand Care - protect those hands from winter chills

With just 6 weeks to go to the big day, the clocks have gone back and winter is fast approaching us. With this comes icy winds, chilling temperatures and our hands can be one of the first places to suffer from dryness, irritation and cracking of the delicate skin. With this in mind, you should never miss an opportunity to treat those hands of yours, and take extra care of them over these next few weeks to have them skin perfect for the big day.

DON’T OVER-WASH - Especially during these covid-19 times that we're living in, we are constantly being told to wash our hands as a first line defence against viruses and bacteria, but constant washing of hands can strip the skin of natural oils, drying weather-worn skin out even more and leaving it vulnerable to cracking and pain. Don’t over-wash hands and always opt for a non-aggressive liquid soap or waterless hand sanitising gel. I tried one by 'Method' the other day, a plant based foaming soap and it was just wonderful, and smelt delicious. Also pay attention to the water temperature you are washing your hands in. Keep the water warm as opposed to hot to prevent additional skin dryness. Always re-apply hand cream after washing your hands to nourish and protect.

HEAL & EXFOLIATE - Just as you exfoliate the skin on your face and body, you should be doing the same on your hands. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub to remove the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh skin underneath – home-made sugar scrubs with essential oils (such as rose for healing) are a brilliant handmade, natural alternative! However, always heal dry, cracked skin on your hands beforehand using a product made for this - such as pHformula's hand cream that perfectly fits into your bag as your go-to rescue cream!

GRAB YOUR GLOVES - When temperatures plummet and the cold begins to bite, it’s time to bring out the big guns; a reliable, comfortable pair of gloves. There are many different styles to choose from, whether that’s traditional gloves, mittens or fingerless and touch pad styles for those of you who are constantly glued to your phones! For me, I love my M&S leather gloves, great for driving in as well as wearing round the shops, and being flock lined they keep my hands soft and warm!

BUILD A BARRIER - with indulgent, nourishing creams. Your handbag winter staple must be a good hand cream that you can whip out and use whenever you feel those hands drying out. Hand cream forms a barrier against the drying effects of winter weather, and when reapplied throughout the day, will guarantee soft and nourished skin. Gently massaging into the skin each time can also help with circulation while warming up your hands.

ADD A HYDRATING MASK - Just like our face, our hands benefit from a weekly deep hydrating treat, such as a mask. Hand masks offer high levels of hydration, nourish nails and cuticles and can help strengthen the epidermis. In-clinic treatments such as warm paraffin masks and heated mitts will go a long way towards keeping your hands in tip-top condition for Christmas Day!

Week 5 - 20 November - Non-Surgical Face Lift - tighten those jowls and lift those cheeks

With 5 weeks to go to the big day, now is the time to start tightening those jowls and lifting those cheeks - without seeing any surgeon! A non-surgical face lift will do this for you. By investing in a short course of treatments, your skin will be visibly tighter and cheeks higher and fuller.

HOW? - There are many different procedures out on the aesthetics market that can help with this - it all depends on what your local clinic offers, your preference and budget. Galvanic machines, using positive and negative polarity, lift and tighten the facial muscles (like a mini gym workout) resulting in firmer, toned muscles which provide a lift that lasts. Therapists may also offer hot/cold devices that, when combined with galvanics and products such as chemical peels, offer a further lift and tightening of these facial muscles and skin due to the dilation and constriction of the blood vessels feeding the skin tissues and the action of chemical peels on skin rejuvenation.

Combined skin needling and dermal fillers for lower face augmentation will also provide a lift and freshening to the face, with the skin needling adding vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid via mesotherapy serums to feed the skin and stimulate collagen production. The dermal fillers, also made from hyaluronic acid, rebuild structure, giving the face a more youthful appearance by recreating volume which has been lost as well as bone shape.

HOME CARE PRODUCTS - are an absolute MUST to maintain the in-clinic results. A good cleanser, serum or vitamin, an active and an SPF will complete your investment in a more toned and lifted face for Christmas and beyond. Cosme-pharmaceuticals bought from aesthetic clinics ought to be used, because the levels and strengths of the actives within them cannot be matched or bought on the high street. This makes them powerful allies to have on your dressing table!

Week 4 - 27 November - Relax into Christmas - beat the stress pamper packages

With just 4 weeks to go and the rush of Christmas planning well and truly upon us - it's time to take some time out for YOU! It really is important that we don't lose ourselves in this pre-holiday time. With adverts constantly pushing us to buy this... or cook this... or make this... we can feel exhausted and, sometimes, inadequate. Take some time for yourself, practice some mindfulness, take a walk on a crisp winter's morning and enjoy the beauty that is winter.... and get yourself booked in for a winter warming pamper package to restore you and re-set those batteries before the last push towards the 25th December is upon us. Although there are many lovely things to do at home to relax, such as a warm bath with scented candles and soft music, or fluffy pyjamas and a good Christmas movie, nothing beats the enjoyment of having someone else pamper you, with warm therapy beds, thick throws and relaxing aromatherapy music - this is your Christmas treat to you!

Week 3 - 04 December - Pretty Toes - The Strappy Sandals Redi-Pedi

Here comes the party month - be it the office party, a night out with the girls, a romantic evening with your loved one or a family-knees-up - one thing is guaranteed - those strappy sandals will be out in full force! Since you have been 'losing those hooves' since week 10 and following our pedi-redi advice, all that you have to do now is make sure your toenails are perfectly shaped, cuticles pushed back and the MOST delicious polish (gel of course for longevity) is perfectly applied to those pretty toes of yours. If doing a DIY redi-pedi at home, always put on your gel varnish to dry toes! That means, do not foot bath/soak your feet first because your toenails may become over hydrated causing the polish to have retention issues. Always apply a bonder and a base coat. The bonder will make sure the varnish has great staying power and the base coat has two roles. The first being that it protects your natural nail from staining and, second, most will provide an even platform for applying the polish due to their plumping and levelling properties. Next pick your colour and apply it, making sure you cap the free edge of your nail and DON'T get any on the surrounding skin because the polish will just peel off (like an orange or banana skin!) Different gel polishes will cure under different wattages and times, so make sure your lamp is strong enough to cure your colour. Darker colours need thinner coats, and more of them to build up the colour without the risk of them peeling off by being too thick. Lastly, apply a glossy, high shine top coat to ensure those pretty toes get all the attention they deserve! For those looking to have luxurious in-salon treatments, make sure you check out glitter ranges, nail art offers and upgrades, such as foot masks and mitts - enjoy!

Week 2 - 11 December - 'Tame Them Brows' - brow makeover and health

Brows. They can tell a fashion story all on their own. Be it skinny brows of the 1920's or fluffy brows that grace our faces today, one thing is for sure - they need to be in tip-top condition and shape to frame your pretty eyes during this festive season. So... here are top-tips to make sure your brows are tamed into shape!

1. Get a professional treatment - such as microblading or brow lamination (although with just 2 weeks before the big day, I would opt for the brow lamination treatment due to downtime post microblading). Brow lamination is the process of 'perming' or 'setting' your brows into a full and fluffy shape then sculpting them using waxing/threading/tweezers, tints and pomades. The process takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and the results last 4-6 weeks, depending on how good you are with the aftercare. Ensure you invest in a brow toxx serum to keep those brows hydrated, conditioned and sleek (if you had a perm and colour on your hair you would use conditioner - it is the same with your eyebrow hair).

2. Invest in a brow enhancer kit - from most good drug stores, and follow the guides to draw your own full brows into place, fill and gaps or sparse patches with powder and set with the wax.

HOW? Step 1: draw a line underneath your brow with a sharp eyebrow pencil (choose a colour to suit your own natural hair colour). Using the same pencil, fill in any sparse areas with small hair-like flicks. Step 2: using the angled brush that comes in the kit, press a similar colour powder to define the shape of your brows. To ensure a soft and natural blend, don't fill in the inside corners of your brows too much, or make the end points too harsh. If this happens, soften these edges using a clean, dense eye make-up brush or a cotton bud. Step 3: brush your brows with a spoolie, picking up excess product and softening lines to create a more natural look. Definition can be added by blending a small amount of concealer under your arch above the brow bone. Step 4: brush a small amount of wax over these brows to set them in place.

3. STOP PLUCKING! Go and see a professional fortnightly to get the shape of your brows sorted and the need for plucking will end! If you do feel the need for a brow tidy between professional visits, reach for the tweezers once a week, in soft light, with no magnifying mirror, and the urge to over-pluck will be gone.

4. Massage your brows to stimulate blood circulation which, in turn, will stimulate hair growth. DermalEssence don't recommend this if you have had a brow lamination though because you will ruin the shape! Instead gently place/smooth the brows into their laminated shape every morning to encourage blood flow and circulation of nutrients to this area.

5. Use olive oil or castor oil or vaseline to lock in moisture and feed and nourish the brow hair.

6. Eat well for brow health - include Vitamins B and D, green leafy vegetables, nuts and avocados in your diet to promote a healthy hair growth cycle.

Week 1 - 18 December - Millenium Manicures - All the glitters and gold

'It was the week before Christmas and all though the ..... salons, nail techs were sculpturing the most amazing millenium nails, full of glitter and gold to reflect all the wonders that Christmas holds'

By now your hands will be soft, the skin perfect, with not a crack in sight because you have been following Week 6 religiously to protect and care for your hands - especially for this exact moment - the Christmas Millenium Manicure!

Just like the pedi-redi advice, DermalEssence recommend gel polish for longevity and shine, as well as making sure you take full advantage of the wonderful glitters and nail art that bring Christmas nails to life. A professional in-salon manicure is highly recommended this week. Not only will the manicure itself last longer, due to professional application, the pure act of taking some time out of your hectic Christmas week schedule to sit in a relaxing atmosphere and be pampered means that you are also grabbing some of that all important 'me-time'. Whether is be bright 'Santa Claus' red or 'figgy pudding plumbs', with a sparkle of gold or silver glitter, make sure that you have perfectly polished nails to show off when opening those presents, holding those glasses of prosecco ...... or showing off that new ring!

All that is left to say is that all of us at DermalEssence wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas. We hope and pray that we can all spend time with our loved ones, that we all remain well and safe and that 2021 is a much gentler year for all of us than 2020 has been.

Merry Christmas - love Team DermalEssence


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